Tablets for Education

Pen tablets are increasingly becoming essential in education. Students on all levels from Kindergarten through post-graduate education can benefit from the advantages pen tablets bring to the classroom.

Art and Design Education

Pen tablets and displays in the classroom inspire creativity in students and prepare them for real-world careers.

Art schools and university art programs, which include animation, game development, fashion design, product design, film, photography and graphic design, are tasked with preparing students for real-world careers. Employers choose graduates who have professional-looking portfolios and who can be productive from the first day of employment.

The following are just a few of the hundreds of schools that have incorporated interactive pen displays in art and design education with the enthusiastic reception of students and teachers.

Art and Design Students

If you are preparing for a future in animation, game development, fashion design, graphic design, film, photography, fine art or any other creative field, you’ll find that display tablet products are the standard for both art students and creative professionals. Everything from the latest sports cars to the biggest animated movies to your favorite console game can be created using pen tablets and interactive pen displays.

Using these products to complete your school projects will not only result in higher quality work and a better portfolio, it will give you valuable skills that are required by many employers when hiring for internships and, eventually, your first job after graduation. There are thousands of well-known creative companies that use pen tablets and Interactive pen displays as part of their creative workflows.

Collaborative Workgroups

Empower students and help them develop collaboration skills through small workgroups. Tools that allow them to express, share and discuss their ideas are critical to the creative process.

Distance learning and remote tutoring continue to grow as resources become more scarce. Help ensure that remote learners are active, engaged and have the opportunity to participate just as if they were in the classroom or face-to-face with their tutor. Display tablet products can play a key role in that interaction.

Create Your World

Whether you are a student who is preparing for a career in either an art or design field, or simply enjoy digital photography, painting, or sketching as a hobby, or are looking for a better way to take visual notes, create presentations and edit videos, display tablet products can help you express your creativity with the natural fluency and comfort of a pen.

They can also be used to personalize and enhance your digital life, such as, putting an extra creative touch on your website or Facebook page, adding annotations and comments to your presentations, and writing mathematical formulas or handwritten notes. These provide you a natural way to create and interact with your digital world.

Flipped Classroom

The flipped classroom model allows teachers to spend more personal coaching time in the classroom. A key component is creating content for students to view and study outside the classroom or individually at their own pace. There is a portfolio of products that help make created content dynamic and free-flowing.

Higher Education

Communicating visually helps build a richer and more comprehensive learning experience, and with using a pen display, it’s never been easier to stimulate interactivity in lecture halls, classrooms, workgroups, and distance learning scenarios.

Colleges and universities are incorporating different teaching styles and environments to fit the needs of students. Core to all of these is greater student engagement and participation. Making students an active part of the conversation builds a richer and more diverse learning experience.

Display tablets products support active learning, letting teachers and students communicate visually, share new ideas and concepts in real-time, and collaborate. Whether in a traditional lecture hall, a remote learning environment, or having students engage in small project-based learning, pen displays can help you reach your objectives.

Interactive Classroom

Students are increasingly active contributors in today’s classroom. Teachers need the flexibility to incorporate new information and ideas into their lessons during the discussion. Find the tools that allow communication and sharing of ideas.


Communicate in a more engaging and interactive way by using a display tablet in the classroom, in workgroups, or online.

K-12 solutions support student growth and development by allowing teachers and students to create and share in a more interactive and organic way. Learning through student involvement and collaboration is made easier.

Effective learning can take many shapes and forms, so whether you are in a more traditional classroom, emphasizing small work groups, implementing a flipped classroom model, or participating in distance education.

Learning Environments

Explore the solutions offered to support different styles of learning and different methods of teaching.

Lecture Halls

Turn static material into active and engaging content. Communicate visually and elaborate on key concepts by marking up and annotating digital content, effectively turning large lecture halls into more personable environments.

Non-Art Majors

Display tablet products are used by non-art majors for a wide range of activities, including visual note taking, writing math, chemistry and other visual problems or notes, online distance learning, editing your pictures and videos, sketching out ideas and many other activities. Others simply use pen tablets as a comfortable replacement for a mouse for general computer tasks.


Whether you’re an art or design student or just looking for a better way to pursue your hobbies or make presentations, display tablet products can help you express your creativity naturally and comfortably.