Pen Tablets for Healthcare


Pen input solutions deliver real-world benefits of speed and efficiency for EMR, patient admissions, and medical imaging workflows.

Healthcare is in the midst of a revolution, with efficiency in the delivery of patient care more important than ever. Precision pen input can improve productivity in a broad spectrum of healthcare fields. From patient registration to treatment planning to patient education, pen displays eliminate paperwork and create a more efficient way to create, share and save vital patient data

Pen displays used for capturing patient information eliminate the need for scanning and shredding paper documents, tasks that only contribute to inefficiency. Displays save time in other aspects of healthcare, too. Tedious tasks like tracing isodose curves for radiation oncology treatment are more precise and faster with pen displays. Notation of digital pathology images is much quicker when done precisely compared to a mouse. Image annotation and patient education can be performed quickly and directly on digital images and diagrams.

Learn more about how display tablets can help improve patient care and efficiencies in admissions and EMR, as well as improve the workflow for medical imaging professionals and medical illustrators.


Streamline the registration process for patients to complete electronic consent forms and sign-in with interactive pen displays

Benefits of an Electronic Signature System for Patient Admissions, Consent, and Registration

  • Increased front office productivity by eliminating scanning, shredding and copying documents.
  • Patient registration time can be dramatically reduced by eliminating unnecessary tasks.
  • Patients can see the electronic document they are signing, providing them a more comfortable registration process.
  • Patients naturally know how to use a pen, unlike mice and other methods.
  • Paper and document disposal services can be eliminated providing a better environmental approach.  

Adding a pen display or signature tablet to your EMR system provides your patients with an easy, natural, and familiar way to interact with the computer.

Benefits of an Electronic Medical Record system

  • Improve efficiency of patient registration, charting, and events monitoring for patient care.
  • Enhance compliance capabilities through the elimination of paper workflows and related risks in dealing with sensitive patient information.
  • Reduce costs and risks associated with paper including printing, scanning, transporting, filing, storing, and shredding.
  • Increase adoption of electronic systems through the use of pen input that is an intuitive and familiar form factor for signing, annotating and writing, as opposed to a computer mouse
  • Ease the transition to an EMR system for healthcare providers and patients alike by adding pen displays and signature tablets which mimic paper-based processes.


Using the precise pen directly on the screen is quicker and more comfortable than using a mouse for contouring, delineating, and annotating on medical images, resulting in greater accuracy and throughput while processing numerous medical images and scans.

Benefits of Pen-based Input for Medical Imaging

  • Pen displays offer higher precision when drawing critical isodose curves on templates and positioning images. The direct action of the pen on the screen is more precise than the indirect action of the mouse.
  • Annotation is natural and quicker by using a pen display compared with the move, click, type action required without it.
  • Pen displays offer the high reliability necessary for patient care facilities. The pen receives its power from the tablet, so there are no batteries to wear out, or electrical cable to break.
  • Large pathology images are easy to navigate quickly with a pen compared with a mouse.
  • Pen displays make a perfect education tool for conferences and lectures where images can be annotated directly and displayed for residents and attending physicians.

Medical Illustration

Illustrating with a pen display combines the tactile feel and control of traditional media with all the benefits of a digital workflow.

Benefits of Digital Creation for Medical Imaging

  • Digital workflow mimics a traditional artistic experience
  • Faster design iterations
  • Share designs more quickly
  • More realistic renderings
  • Improved communications through markup and annotation
  • Reduce paper, scanning, tracing and cleanup