Digital Signature Pads & the Automotive Market

Digital signature pads enable the capture, binding, and authentication of eSignatures for forms used in financing, service, sales, and leasing. No more costly and time-consuming data input, transportation, storage, or retrieval of paperbound forms. With electronic signatures, dealers can cut costs, instantly approve financing, and speed transaction processing. The paperless flow of information between dealers, lenders, and customers is instantaneous, legal, and secure.

Auto dealers across the country rely on eSignature products to help cut costs and increase efficiency in their daily processes. By reducing or even eliminating the need to print, scan, copy, file, store, retrieve, and send paper-based forms, eSignature pads can accelerate workflow and save dealerships a substantial amount of time and money.

Computime works with auto dealers and eContracting platform vendors to implement and integrate eSignature products within their systems.

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