Simplifying Construction Paperwork with eSignatures

In today’s construction marketplace, efficiency and cost-effectiveness are critical to your business’s success. Simplifying construction paperwork with esignatures can help your construction business obtain this essential level of efficiency.

Tightened schedules, budget cuts, and – in some cases – reduced staffing are affecting construction companies from coast to coast. How are you handling these changes?

Computime provides electronic signature capture products, which allow construction companies to attach legally-binding electronic handwritten signatures to digital documents without the need to print, scan, copy, send or file paper. This streamlines the construction document process and relieves the burden of paper-based administration. From equipment leases, blueprints and change orders to invoices, employment forms and estimates, eSignature products can help you save time, money, and resources.

Computime brings a unique combination of knowledge, skills and resources to address today’s construction paperwork challenges. Our commitment to serving general and special trade contractors, homebuilders and real estate developers has resulted in a wealth of industry knowledge that provides our customers with the expertise they deserve. 

Contact Computime to find out more about how to reduce and simplify your construction paperwork with eSignatures.