Government Electronic Documentation

When we think of paper documents, it’s easy to think of government, and for good reason. No other sector generates more paper per hour, but electronic documentation is increasingly replacing traditional documentation. From directives, licenses and income tax forms to pending legislation, benefits documentation and certificates, it seems at times that government actually runs on paper.

Electronic signature capture products help government at all levels greatly reduce the cost of using and moving paper documentation. No more in boxes filled with approval requisitions, no more inefficient administration of application forms, no more clerical errors, and no more costly delays while someone searches for a signed deed or record.

Computime is proud of our long-standing relationships with government organizations of all sizes. In 2007, Computime was awarded a GSA contract, opening a gateway to procurement of electronic signature products for local, state and federal governments, agencies, workers and civilians.

Find out how electronic documentation can help improve efficiency in government agencies.