Healthcare Market

Because few industries document their customers as extensively as healthcare, increasing healthcare data efficiency is essential to providing better care. Due to the proliferation of consultants, subcontractors and variously affiliated care providers, a single hospital visit can generate several different admission forms taken at several different times, opening the way to data variations that can be difficult and costly to trace and correct.

Enter electronic signature capture products. By integrating electronic signatures into medical records, health care data efficiency can become an automatic practice. Data captured from patients can instantaneously populate the forms of all healthcare providers. Medical charts can be updated and transmitted easily, preventing possible mistakes in treatment. Patient history can be quickly sorted for relevant information. Billing questions can be resolved onscreen.

Computime brings you significant expertise in improving health care data efficiency. We understand the delicate balance between streamlined processes, quality patient care and compliance with HIPAA and other regulations and are fully committed to the success of hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and other healthcare organizations.

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