Human Resources Documentation

Documentation is a growing crisis for Human Resources. The sheer number of signed documents, from employment applications to drug testing consent forms, staffing reviews to timesheets, insurance forms to pension plans, has filled employee files to overflowing, leaving HR personnel with little choice but to manage paper, not people.

Electronic signature capture products provide a paperless solution to human resources documentation that saves time and money by automating the presentation and signing of all employee documents. 

Imagine the savings to be had by automating the new hire process alone: all hiring documents (application, authorization for background check, drug testing consent, benefit elections, W-4, W-9, etc.) can now be electronically created, signed, filed and stored in seconds. Retrieving an employee's complete file is equally instantaneous and simple.

But that's just the start of the human resources documentation efficiencies of electronic signatures. Consider the cost savings of electronic timesheet management, staffing, benefits administration, healthcare reporting and the review and appraisal process.

Freed of the paper monster, human resources professionals will have more time to spend on the people needs of their organization.

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