Perhaps now more than ever, the mortgage industry is searching for ways to lower costs, reduce cycle times, and streamline daily operations. For many lenders this means implementing eMortgages, mortgages in which the critical loan documents are created, executed, transferred, and stored electronically (MISMO®).

Electronic signature capture products help make eMortgages a reality by enabling the capture, binding, and authentication of handwritten digitized signatures for any and all mortgage documents. With these devices, there is no need to print, scan, copy, send, or file paper. The signing process is 100% electronic, secure, and legal.

Computime, Inc. has helped hundreds of lenders, notaries, title companies, and government offices implement eSignature capture products to help replace the manual handling, processing, and verification of paper mortgage documents. We understand the challenges lenders face and are prepared to provide consultation on how you can make the most of your eMortgage investment with our eSignature capture products.

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