Electronic Notary Market

As with most business, the notaries are becoming electronic. Digital signature pads effectively eliminate the need for paper during the notarization of documents, saving businesses millions of dollars each year in high-value transaction, processing, and storage costs. By enabling the secure capture, binding, and authentication of electronic handwritten signatures, eSignature products have become an integral part of electronic notary and notary journal workflow.

Documents signed using eSignature devices look just like electronic versions of hard copy originals, with the handwritten signature visibly displayed. Binding the signature to the document ensures that any changes made to the document’s contents are detected, resulting in the automatic invalidation of the signature. This keeps both the signing and relying parties protected against fraud.

Computime has helped electronic notaries from coast to coast successfully implement eSignature capture products. From sleek LCD desktop tablets to ultra-slim portable pads, a Computime sales representative can help you find the perfect device for your business.

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