InfoComm is in full swing this week and Computime reps are meeting and networking with audiovisual industry professionals.

Computime will be displaying our broad line of multi-touch monitors and display tablet devices.  Visitors will see, touch, and interact with these featured products at booth #2847:

TRu Multi-Touch Monitors TRu™ Multi-Touch Monitors
The product line consists of a range of projected capacitive (PCap) and large format multi-touch monitors sized from 15” to 70". Built for quality, responsiveness, visual appeal, and durability, they complement any multi-touch interactive solution.
TRu Tablets TRu™ Tablet Devices
The TRu™ tablet offers a sleek capacitive multi-touch interface consumers have come to expect. Perfect for on-the-go applications, this tablet complements TRu's product line by providing users with a mobile touch solution.
Wacom Display Tablet Wacom Interactive Display Tablets
By combining multi-finger touch capabilities to Wacom's patented, cordless, battery-free pen technology, this interactive pen and touch display provides a new level of interactivity, flexibility, and productivity when working directly on the screen.
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by Stephan Herron, Director of Sales & Marketing, Scriptel

Electronic signature capture is a complex topic that tends to leave users confused and looking for answers. Stephan Herron, Scriptel Corporation’s Director of Sales & Marketing, sat down to answer some of the most common questions surrounding eSignature capture.

Scriptel PadQ: What is an electronic signature?

A: “Electronic Signature” or “eSignature” is, in its broad sense, a legal term. It refers to existing laws in most of the world that make electronic agreements and contracts just as valid as paper agreements and contracts. Certain conditions are attached, such as requiring approvals that can be verified (to replace handwritten signature on paper). While it would be nice if the term “electronic signature” covered only the approval stage, the term is used to cover everything from the distribution of the document to its long-term storage so it can be a bit confusing.


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SOFTPRO Mobile SigningAccording to their recent report, Gartner projects that, in 2014, 270.7 million tablets will ship worldwide. In addition, Gartner predicts mobile phones will reach 1.9 billion units in 2014, which represents a 4.9% increase from 2013.

That’s an impressive install base of hardware devices capable of capturing an electronic signature.

The proliferation of mobile technology makes esigning possible in just about any environment. In the past, organizations had to buy a dedicated peripheral to capture esignatures or implement a click-to-sign process. Today, with HTML5, esignature software for iOS, Android and Windows devices, and the ubiquitous nature of mobile technology, it’s possible to apply a handwritten esignature with a stylus or fingertip, anywhere, anytime!

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Save valuable time and reduce unnecessary cost of paper, storage and consumables

Tax SeasonBeginning in January, many desktops, conference tables and file cabinets in accounting firms nationwide are piled high with tax records. But some tax professionals have embraced the ‘paperless office’, clearly seeing that the benefits not only make their lives easier, they save them time and money.

This tax season, tax professionals across the United States were using Scriptel’s ScripTouch electronic signature pads to help increase efficiency in the processing of tax documents while reducing cost. ScripTouch signature pads ensure the capture, binding, and authentication of electronic signatures for tax preparation and provide a high-quality image of the filer’s signature for the final returns. Click here to read more.

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TRu 55" Large Format Touch Display

Engage Your Audience with Multi-Touch MonitorsDigital signage and multi-touch applications have become the norm in today’s business environments. And yet the true power of this interactive experience still remains untapped.

Large format touch screens give users the ability to engage and interact - at their own pace and in the manner they choose. Ultimately the key to the success of your project lies in the planning.

See the questions you need to ask yourself and how one museum took the answers to those questions and selected the TRu 55” Large Format Touch Display >>

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NAB ShowTouch monitors were everywhere at the recent National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show, the world’s largest convention showcasing the latest in broadcasting and content delivery.

After walking through the crowd of 93,000 attendees and more than 1500 exhibitors, we noticed a growing trend: touch technology was everywhere! Not only is it being implemented into products like audio control panels, on-set applications, and radio automation, it is also being used by the convention at way-finding kiosks and in a plethora of interactive displays in show booths. No matter the application, all these touch solutions offer the next logical step in product innovation as well as a means to engage the crowd.

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ST1550 ProScript Device Interface & ST1551 EasyScript Device Interface

Scriptel ST1550 and ST1551With an increasing number of businesses moving toward electronic signature capture to improve process efficiencies, it can be difficult to determine which electronic signature pad is right for you.

The ST1550 & ST1551 Signature Pads feature a sleek, small form factor design that allows professionals to capture electronic signatures while on the go or anywhere that space is too limited for a standard desktop design.

Scriptel’s ScripTouch series electronic signature pads all feature rugged construction and high reliability for frequent transactions and long lifetimes. Scriptel’s active battery-less tethered pen is proven to perform flawlessly through more than 1 million signatures. The signature sensing layer is mounted behind a solid signing surface for great device durability. Signature quality is quite simply not affected by wear or heavy use and there are no batteries to replace.

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A New Era for Touch Screen Devices

Monday, Mar 10, 2014

Instead of spreading germs, WHOOSH! Screen Shine is spreading the word about tech hygiene

Whoosh! Screen ShineAs multi-touch monitors gain popularity in retail environments as well as many public places like museums, banks, hotels and others they are destined to be covered in fingerprints not to mention germs, dirt and other nasty contaminants.

Which is exactly the reason Computime teamed up with WHOOSH! Screen Shine. We found that it performed as impressively on our line of TRu™  Multi-Touch Monitors as it did on smartphones, tablets, laptops, televisions, and other electronic devices. In fact, we liked it so much we now include a pocket-sized spray bottle with every monitor we sell...

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TRū™  Monitors can help to engage, interact, educate, entertain and attract visitors

TRu Slim Line MonitorsAre you looking for more booth traffic at your trade shows? Would you like to make your visitors’ experience more interactive and engaging? Then you should consider adding  TRū™  Multi Touch Monitors the next time you head out of town!

Getting attention at events is becoming harder than ever and lead generation comes down to the number of visitors you can attract to your booth. To solve that problem, many companies are adding digital signage bringing a whole new dimension to their display design.

How do you get your fair share of visitors? Touch screen kiosks featuring TRu Multi Touch Monitors are helping exhibitors exchange information, showcase products and services, promote their business, and at the same time helping  attendees get the most out of their time in your booth.

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TRu Multi-Touch MonitorsComputime receives numerous questions about our line of TRū Multi-Touch Monitors.  It is important to us to provide our customers with accurate, up-to-date information on all of our products. We'd like to provide a resource for our most frequently asked questions about our TRū Multi-Touch Projected Capacitive (P-Cap) Monitors.

In a nutshell, these monitors are used by system integrators, content providers, and end users across many vertical markets to make the leap to multi-touch applications. The product line consists of a range of desktop and open frame multi-touch displays - from 15” to 32". Built for quality, responsiveness, visual appeal, and durability, TRū Multi-Touch Monitors complement any multi-touch interactive solution.

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