A New Era for Touch Screen Devices

Monday, Mar 10, 2014

Instead of spreading germs, WHOOSH! Screen Shine is spreading the word about tech hygiene

Whoosh! Screen ShineAs multi-touch monitors gain popularity in retail environments as well as many public places like museums, banks, hotels and others they are destined to be covered in fingerprints not to mention germs, dirt and other nasty contaminants.

Which is exactly the reason Computime teamed up with WHOOSH! Screen Shine. We found that it performed as impressively on our line of TRu™  Multi-Touch Monitors as it did on smartphones, tablets, laptops, televisions, and other electronic devices. In fact, we liked it so much we now include a pocket-sized spray bottle with every monitor we sell...

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An Integration Case Study of Wacom's Interactive Pen Displays with Presenters from Hyland Software & Parallon Business Solutions

Join us on February 6th, 2014 at 1:00 p.m. CST as Joshua Levey, Computime CEO hosts another in our series of informational and educational webinars, Document Centric eSignature Apps with guests Alan Orth, Wacom Business Development Manager, Healthcare and eDocumentation divisions, Richy Lee, Senior Application Engineer, Parallon Business Performance Group, and Carolyn Kane, Product Evangelist, Hyland Software.

Together, this panel will walk you through how each company played a part in helping to create a document centric eSignature app that reduces implementation time and maximizes cost advantages all while assuring security, reliability and privacy.

Wacom DTU-1631 Wacom DTU-1031
Wacom DTU-1631 Wacom DTU-1031










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WHOOSH! What is it?

Friday, Nov 29, 2013

Whoosh!It’s a word. It’s a sound. It’s a word that makes a sound. It’s an onomatopoeia.

And it’s a safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly screen cleaner that resists fingerprints on just about any electronic device – especially monitors like our TRu Multi-Touch Screen products.

Read the story of how Computime got 'WHOOSHED!'

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