Using TRu™ Multi-Touch Monitors for More Interactive & Productive Customer Engagement



By combining content creation, management and display software with any TRu Multi-Touch Projected Capacitive (PCap) product you’ll be ready to navigate the virtual world – in the healthcare market and beyond - with engaging & interactive content which translates into better brand loyalty and recognition, revenue growth and a great ROI. If you are looking for fast, cost-effective solutions for creating, managing and delivering robust interactive experiences to complement your multi-touch monitor products this 30 minute webinar will get you on your way. The possibilities are endless!

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Using TRu™ Multi-Touch Monitors for more interactive and productive customer engagement.

TRu Multi-Touch Monitor WebinarWe’re in business to sell multi-touch monitors. But without great apps, well that monitor is just a ‘dumb device.’

So when we took a proposal to a major hospital in the St. Louis area, they needed to know why they should make the investment. We developed a proof of concept to show the many ways multi-touch technology could improve the ways doctors and patients communicate. In this webinar we’ll show you the results of that case study and how we built an app that encouraged interactions between patients and doctors in an intuitive, comfortable and productive way.

Join us Thursday, January 23rd at 2:00 PM CST for “A Case Study: How to Turn a ‘Dumb Device’ into a Total Solution” a special webinar presentation hosted by Computime.

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Using multi-touch technology as part of your multi-channel marketing strategy.


Your customers and prospects are getting increasingly more tech-savvy, and each of them has their own preference for how they receive your marketing messages. The days when one specific tactic needs to do all the heavy lifting for lead generation are long gone.


We find that they want a more engaging and familiar experience. And there is nothing more engaging or familiar than multi-touch. How do you integrate multi-touch into your business? 

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William J. FlynnIn 1999, the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) granted electronic signatures the same legal weight as original (hand-made) signatures.

Since then, there has been an explosion of signature capture devices in the marketplace. These devices acquire electronic versions of signatures which are then embedded in documents in such a way as to prevent tampering.

During Computime’s recent webinar, Conducting a Forensic Examination of Electronically Captured Signatures, William Flynn, Forensic Document Examiner with Affiliated Forensic Laboratories shed some light on the legality of electronic signatures. The presentation sparked many questions from the audience.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions with Bill’s answers.

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Forensic Signature IconWhat elements of a signature must be captured for it to stand up to forensic analysis?

What are the legal risks when adopting eSignatures?

Have the courts ever challenged the use of electronically signed documents?

These are just a few of the great questions generated by Computime’s recent webinar, “Conducting a Forensic Examination of Electronically Captured Signatures,” presented...

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TRu Multi-Touch Monitor Solution WebinarWhen you combine content creation, management and display software with any TRu Multi-Touch Projected Capacitive P(Cap) product you’ll be ready to navigate the virtual world with engaging & interactive content. This special two-part, one-hour webinar presentation will show you ways to free your imagination and build interactions between people and computers in an intuitive and comfortable way.

Join us, Tuesday December 17th 2013 at 3:00 PM CST for “Turning TRu Multi-Touch Hardware into a Total Solution for Digital Display.” hosted by Computime CEO, Joshua Levey. Our special guest presenters will be Joseph Hacker, Director of Global Sales at Flypaper, and Ted Rosenbaum, CEO of RevelDigital.

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As a financial services association, BAI offers ideas and insights into the ever-changing industry of retail banking. This year’s BAI Retail Delivery 2013 conference drew a large and influential group of financial services leaders and cultivated extensive one-on-one conversations and general sessions presented by some of the industry’s leading professionals.

If you missed the show, watch our recent panel discussion that provided highlights and a wrap-up of the expo. Computime CEO and host, Josh Levey is joined by experts from SOFTPRO, Wacom and Scriptel.

This is a great opportunity for attendees who want additional follow up as well as those of you who were unable to attend the event.

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Watch this information rich webinar presented by William Flynn, a Forensic Document Examiner with Affiliated Forensic Laboratories as he sheds a great deal of light on the forensic legality of electronic signatures. 


In this webinar you will:

  Find out what a forensic analyst needs to conduct an examination of disputed biometrically captured signatures 

Hear actual case works showing how forensic examinations played a pivotal role in proving authenticity

  Learn what you can do to help forensic document examiners 
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Craig Le Clair

We're excited to have the chance to co-host a webinar with an expert from Forrester Research. Join us for a free webinar on November 12 at 1 p.m. EST. High customer expectations, the demand for efficiency and increasing mobility are driving the rapid adoption of electronic signatures in many different industries. 


Join guest speaker, Forrester Research, Inc., VP and Principal Analyst Craig Le Clair for an educational webinar to understand why adoption is surging.

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Beyond The Brands Highlight Reel

Wednesday, Oct 30, 2013

During the past several months, Computime has produced a series of webinars designed to introduce our new line of eSignature capture hardware and software, display tablet and multi-touch monitor solutions. More than 1,000 attendees have signed up and tuned in for our ‘Beyond Brands’  Educational Webinar Series providing educational content in a convenient video format.

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