Using multi-touch technology as part of your multi-channel marketing strategy.


Your customers and prospects are getting increasingly more tech-savvy, and each of them has their own preference for how they receive your marketing messages. The days when one specific tactic needs to do all the heavy lifting for lead generation are long gone.


We find that they want a more engaging and familiar experience.  And there is nothing more engaging or familiar than multi-touch. How do you integrate multi-touch into your business? Computime went to work producing a promotional video intended to help you ‘Free Your Imagination’ and consider all the ways you can use touch to promote your business.


“It was a unique and fun product that had us in a studio for 2-3 days playing and working on these monitors,” said Mary Wagener, TRu Product Marketing Manager. “It’s hard to just tell someone how these monitors work so we tried to capture the creative applications that they’re are capable of and the resulting user experience.”


The possibilities for touch engagement are only limited by your imagination. Take a look at how these vertical markets are integrating: