Instead of spreading germs, WHOOSH! Screen Shine is spreading the word about tech hygiene

Whoosh! Screen ShineAs multi-touch monitors gain popularity in retail environments as well as many public places like museums, banks, hotels and others they are destined to be covered in fingerprints not to mention germs, dirt and other nasty contaminants.

Which is exactly the reason Computime teamed up with WHOOSH! Screen Shine. We found that it performed as impressively on our line of TRu™  Multi-Touch Monitors as it did on smartphones, tablets, laptops, televisions, and other electronic devices. In fact, we liked it so much we now include a pocket-sized spray bottle with every monitor we sell.

5,000 attendees stopped by the Whoosh! Booth at CES (Consumer Electronic Show) in Las Vegas last month, and got a good look at both the TRu products and WHOOSH! Reps were not only demonstrating ‘Tech Hygiene’ on mobile phones, they also used the screen cleaner on four 22” TRu monitors that we brought along.

The monitors we displayed at CES are just a few of the broad line of (PCap) touch monitors we offer to system integrators, content providers, and end users across many vertical markets adding an elegant complement to any multi-touch interactive solution. Our monitors are available in 15” to 32” desktop, slim line, and open frame models and are easy to deploy, plug-and-play, with both 2-touch and 10-touch points.

TRu Multi-Touch technology helps OEM’s, system integrators and content providers deliver significant improvements to their end products.

Computime’s Event Manager Jim Fox was on hand at the WHOOSH! Booth where reps were testing attendees’ cell phones for germs. “They weren’t just telling us that our phones were dirty, they were showing us why Tech Hygiene is so important,” said Fox.

What is Tech Hygiene & why is it important?

“Tech Hygiene,” is a concept introduced by the WHOOSH! development team because they believe that personal cleanliness doesn’t end with just washing our hands. It should extend to our screens & devices, after all, we touch them all day long - and a lot can happen in a day!

Here are just a few reasons to consider:

  1. 30% of a virus can be transferred from your screen to your fingers. (Source: Journal of Applied Microbiology)
  2. The average cell phone is up to 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat. (Source: YAHOO)
  3. 18% of mobile phones are contaminated with staphylococcus. (Source: BBC)
  4. 16% of mobile phones are contaminated with fecal flora & ecoli. (Source: BBC Mashable)

WHOOSH! President, Jason Greenspan was one of those testing performing ATP Tests which measure the energy that bacteria use to grow and ultimately determines the hygienic status of surfaces. Anything above 40 units is unsanitary.

“We perform ATP tests on phones and screens regularly and the findings, well, they’re gross,” said Greenspan. “You touch your phone all day, you go to the bathroom, and you shake hands, maybe go through public transit. You’re transferring all those germs to your electronic devices,” said Greenspan.

Watch this interview
  with Geek Beat Live at the CES show to learn more about WHOOSH! And to purchase either WHOOSH! or TRu, visit our webstore.

The world is a dirty place, but our electronic devices don’t have to be.