TRu 55" Large Format Touch Display

Engage Your Audience with Multi-Touch MonitorsDigital signage and multi-touch applications have become the norm in today’s business environments. And yet the true power of this interactive experience still remains untapped.

Large format touch screens give users the ability to engage and interact - at their own pace and in the manner they choose. Ultimately the key to the success of your project lies in the planning.

When starting a multi-touch project it is important to have a complete understanding and outline of all aspects of the planned application. Who is the user or audience? Is the usage of the monitor intended to be educational, fun, informative, technical, etc? What is the goal of the application? Where will the touchscreen be located? The answers to these questions determine the best monitors for your application. Our Business Development Managers can help you select a model based on your project scope.

Monitor Selection Case Study:

Museum Project Scope

  • Audience: Children – ages 5-10
  • Usage: A fun and educational application for children to learn about and compare animals.
  • Environment: Children’s Museum animal exhibit

The museum wanted children to feel comfortable coming up to and interacting with the touch screen. It was also important for the monitor to be durable and easily cleaned. Based on the project scope the TRu 55” Large Format Touch Display was selected. The large 55” surface was ideal for several children to simultaneously interact with the touch screen. The touch screen was installed table top at a lower height so the children could easily reach and interact with the application. The content was designed to be bright and inviting capturing attention and drawing children to the table. Different animals could be viewed enabling children to learn about their size, diets, and environment. And, further, they could compare other animals to see similarities and differences. The built-in speakers allowed the animal sounds to play clearly without having the extra clutter and cords from external speakers.

Learn more about the TRu 55” Large Format Touch Display to see if it is right for your next touch screen project.