SOFTPRO Mobile SigningAccording to a recent report, Gartner projects the total number of tablets to ship worldwide in 2014 to reach 270.7 million. In addition, Gartner predicts mobile phones will reach 1.9 billion units in 2014, which represents a 4.9% increase from 2013.

That’s an impressive install base of hardware devices capable of capturing an electronic signature.

The proliferation of mobile technology makes esigning possible in just about any environment. In the past, organizations had to buy a dedicated peripheral to capture esignatures or implement a click-to-sign process. Today, with HTML5, esignature software for iOS, Android and Windows devices, and the ubiquitous nature of mobile technology, it’s possible to apply a handwritten esignature with a stylus or fingertip, anywhere, anytime!

SOFTPRO has witnessed the increased use of tablets for esigning while mobile, but also for face-to-face transactions. Banks worldwide have integrated SOFTPRO’s esignature technology for their in-branch on-boarding process. Insurance agencies also gravitate to tablets. AIA in Asia, for example, recently developed its own iPad on-boarding process and used SOFTPRO’s software to capture the esignature, both online and offline. As for healthcare, several providers are investigating the use of tablets to facilitate capturing their patient’s consent with a wireless, lightweight, and multifunction portable device.

Ready to start esigning on your mobile? Here are a few options:

  • SignDoc Web: With its HTML5 support, SignDoc Web and SignDoc Mobile let you esign cross-platform. Perfect for the enterprise.
  • Sign2Phone is a slave application to SignDoc Desktop or SignDoc Web. It transforms your smartphone into a signature capture pad.
  • SignDoc Mobile: In combination with SignDoc Web, this enables you to capture an esignature remotely, with confidence.

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