See Computime CEO, Joshua Levey, hosts “TRu Multi-Touch Monitors - Redefining the User Experience through Projected Capacitive Technology”. Our special guest presenter Gene Halsey has worked on the design and manufacturing of embedded touch displays, touch sub-systems, and touch monitors since 1998.


Smart phones and similar devices have redefined the way we interact with technology and have created a new set of consumer expectations. This has opened up opportunities to use touch in new and exciting ways. As application development accelerates, more companies are making the switch to multi-touch for a more engaging, intuitive user experience. Have you considered how you will meet the growing demand for multi-touch?


This informational webinar will help you understand Projected Capacitive (PCap) technology, how end users, system integrators, and content providers are using it, and will provide an overview of the TRu Multi-Touch Monitor product line.