Digital Signage Expo in Las VegasOne of the brightest pieces of real estate anywhere is the Las Vegas Strip. Of course, this made it the perfect place to hold the DSE2014 (Digital Signage Expo), the world's largest international tradeshow for digital signage, interactive technology and out-of-home networks. In fact, last month, the inside of the exhibit hall at the Sands Expo & Convention Center had a strong resemblance to the strip outside, with the future of digital signage flashing in every direction.

The conference and trade show drew more than 4,000 attendees from all over the world and Computime representatives were there from our St. Louis headquarters to provide a truly ‘touching’ experience with our TRu Multi-Touch Projected Capacitive (P-Cap) Monitors.

What were some of the most frequently asked questions?  Find out here.

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Scriptel ScripTouch ST1475 signature capture padAs an authorized distributor for Scriptel, Computime is pleased to introduce our customers to the ST1475 Slimline Electronic Signature Pad.

The ScripTouch ST1475 with ProScript Device Interface has an active battery-less tethered pen that’s proven to perform flawlessly through thousands of signatures with the sensing layer mounted behind a solid signing surface for great device durability and excellent resistance to spills. And for the first time in the market place, it is offered for less than $100, and comes standard with a 2 year warranty. This signature pad exemplifies modern design requirements, including low profile height, horizontal pen tray and vertical pen mount, easy-to-use mounting holes and an ergonomic palm rest for a more comfortable signing experience.

Read the full announcement from Scriptel here.

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Computime - Your Trusted Source for Sales & Channel Distribution

Reps prepare to demo top performing hardware and software solutions to healthcare channel professionals.

St. Louis, MO – February 19, 2014

Members of Computime’s business development team will once again be exhibiting and discussing its expansive ‘Best of Breed’ eSignature capture hardware and software solutions at the 2014 Annual HIMSS Conference & Exhibition, February 23-27 in Orlando, Florida.

This event typically brings together 37,000+ healthcare IT professionals, clinicians, executives and vendors from around the world as they take part in educational programs, listen to world-class speakers, and take a look at cutting-edge health IT products that have become synonymous with this industry-leading conference.

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TRu Delivers a Touching Experience

Friday, Feb 07, 2014

Visit us at the Digital Signage Expo, February 12-13 in Las Vegas to learn everything you ever wanted to know about multi-touch monitors

TRu Show Special at DSEThe Digital Signage Expo is just one day away and representatives from Computime are busy setting up a booth (#1646) that promises to be a “feast for your eyes.” The main course is a great selection of TRu™ Multi-Touch Projected Capacitive, or (PCap) monitors, loaded with content for you to interact with, as well as see and touch.

  • From our Slimline family we’re bringing along the 15.6”, 21.5” (10 touch), and 32” (10-touch)
  • Check out our  15”, 17” and 19” Open Frame multi-touch monitors
  • Plus we have two Desktop monitors – 15” and 21.5” (2-touch)

For dessert, we’re offering a Show Special to help you get started using multi-touch in your business. And even if you can’t attend, you can still take advantage. Ask us about our special.

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Bundle Up!

Thursday, Feb 06, 2014

Combining Hardware and Software into Total Multi-Touch Monitor Solutions That Accelerate Touch Integration to Grow and Expand Your Business.

Multi-Touch Monitor Bundle SolutionWhile the bundle we’re talking about might not keep you warm during one of the coldest winters in history, it will be the fastest and easiest way for you to integrate multi-touch solutions into customer-facing opportunities. It’s a bundled solution including a TRu Multi-Touch Monitor, and software to create content for your specific application.

Last month, we presented a webinar- A Case Study: How to Turn a 'Dumb Device' into a Total Solution. In it we shared how research for one of our clients led us to learn a content creation platform. Combining that platform with our TRu monitors and a mini-CPU provided the total solution for our client - a physician practice.

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SIGNiX Electronic Signature Capture SoftwareElectronic signatures are gaining steam for businesses looking to save money and close business faster. This technology has been particularly popular in the real estate, banking and financial services markets. The reason is simple—customers now expect to be able to do business online.

But some businesses are still hesitant to adopt electronic signatures. We hear these four phrases pretty often from prospects that haven’t decided whether electronic signatures are right for their business.

"Wet ink signatures are cheap."

On the surface, this sounds like good logic...

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CES Show LogoNot even winter storm Hercules, with heavy snow and bitterly cold air, could put a damper on the 2014 International CES, held in Las Vegas on January 7-10.

Despite delayed and cancelled flights CES press releases reported that it “wrapped as the largest in show history with a record two million net square feet of exhibit space housing more than 3,200 exhibitors, and more than 150,000 industry professionals in attendance.”

Computime’s Jim Fox, Event Manager was there as well supporting our vendor, WHOOSH!® Screen Shine®, by supplying four 21.5” TRu™ Multi-Touch Monitors for demo and hands-on interaction.

Find out how it went.

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Using TRu™ Multi-Touch Monitors for More Interactive & Productive Customer Engagement



By combining content creation, management and display software with any TRu Multi-Touch Projected Capacitive (PCap) product you’ll be ready to navigate the virtual world – in the healthcare market and beyond - with engaging & interactive content which translates into better brand loyalty and recognition, revenue growth and a great ROI. If you are looking for fast, cost-effective solutions for creating, managing and delivering robust interactive experiences to complement your multi-touch monitor products this 30 minute webinar will get you on your way. The possibilities are endless!

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Scriptel ScripTouch ST1475 signature capture padBusinesses are growing ever more reliant on electronic signature technology to improve process efficiencies. But making a choice of which technology best fits their applications can be difficult.

Choosing the right one has the power to unlock a company’s full potential and can save money, streamline workflow processes, and improve customer relationships.  Scriptel’s ScripTouch ST1475 was created to provide a low cost, modern and ergonomically designed signature pad capable of more than 1 million lifetime signatures.

Scriptel’s ScripTouch series electronic signature pads all feature rugged construction and high reliability for frequent transactions and long lifetimes.

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signoSign/2 logosignoSign/2 allows you to create and sign PDF-documents using our Sign-Pads, a Windows Tablet-PC, an iPhone or an iPod Touch. The signatures can then be incorporated into your electronic workflow simply and easily.

Stop printing paper “just” for the signature. It will help to lower your costs, speed up your processing-time and provide a secure signature.

Click to view product video or learn more.

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