VP Sign VPAD (Document "View and Sign" device)


The VP Sign VPad is a secure signature capable tablet, allowing for real-time electronic signatures on an LCD display large enough to comfortably view the document before signing.

VP Sign VPAD (Document "View and Sign" device)



The VP Sign VPad is a secure signature capable tablet, allowing for real-time electronic signatures. VPSign’s VPad™ is an electronic document product that captures handwritten signatures. It is based on a full-sized LCD tablet computer with an integrated electronic pen, enabling it to display multi-page documents in full size and capture handwritten signatures and modifications. It comes with a North American power supply and either a tethered pen or a wireless pen. The VP Sign VPAD allows users to sign documents created in any application where printing the form is permitted

• Displays documents on high resolution, full page sized color screen
• Conforms with electronic signature regulations
• Handles multi-page forms with multiple signatures generated from any local Windows application or from a central form generator
• Captures key behavior biometric signature information
• Signature Wizard enables perfectly completed forms
• Is compatible with Public Key Infrastructure
• Displays customer-specific advertising messages
• Connects to a local station just like a USB printer
• Easily integrates into any computer system, including CRM, ERP, or other information management system.

Additional Information

Product Type Hardware
Manufacturer Scriptel
Sensor Type No
Fingerprint Sensor Type No
Dimensions 14" Legal Sized
Authentication Capability No
Active Area No
Data Conversion Rate No
Data Interface USB
Data, Video and Power No
Development Environments No
Display Resolution No
Display Type No
ID Sensor Resolution No
Input Resolution No
Pressure Levels No
Support No
Text Display No
Memory No
Navigation No
Security No
Connection No
Terminalserver No
Int. Samplingrate No
Ext. Reportrate No
Resolution No
Pen Type No
Sensor No
Warranty No

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