signotec Gamma Color LCD Signature Pad FTDI-USB Integrated ST-GERT-3-UFT100


The signotec LCD Signature Pad "Gamma" with its 5" full color TFT-Display is a signature capture device "Made in Germany" fully developed and produced by signotec with a 2 years warranty. It is extremely compact with an especially appealing design. This device allows you to set clear trends at your POS.

signotec Gamma Color LCD Signature Pad  FTDI-USB Integrated ST-GERT-3-UFT100



The signotec LCD Signature Pad “Gamma“ is the first model from Signotec with a hardened glass coating protecting the signing sensor. With external dimensions of 145 x 177 x 12 mm it is very compact and sets new standards in design and functionality. The Gamma offers a high-resolution full-color display, which makes the excellent display of graphic and text information possible..

The pen’s ER-Technology is suitable for on-screen hand writing, it is only sensitive to the ERT-Stylus, not influence by hand or wrist touch which means no erroneous input..

This special battery-less pen with exchangeable tips is capturing 1024 pressure stages. Gamma's construction ensures an extremely long service life of 30 million signatures, and unbeatable durability with the highest security.

The device can be easily connected to a PC via fast WIN-USB and tomorrow to a Linux-Thin-Client via VCOM or the other way round. The virtual COM-Port guarantees customers the highest possible investment protection, because they can switch the pad easily to USB at a later time, which is now possible due to the internal USB-switch..

Additional Information

Product Type Hardware
Manufacturer signotec
Sensor Type Active Electromagnetic
Fingerprint Sensor Type No
Dimensions 180 x 191 x 15 mm
Authentication Capability No
Active Area 108 x 64.8 mm
Data Conversion Rate No
Data Interface Serial to USB Converter
Data, Video and Power Direct USB
Development Environments No
Display Resolution 800 x 400
Display Type Color LCD
ID Sensor Resolution No
Input Resolution No
Pressure Levels No
Support No
Text Display Unlimited fonts and sizes
Memory Internal memory for 10 pictures
Navigation Unlimited screens and Hot-Spots (buttons). Scroll Function
Security AES-Encryption, RSA-Signing.
Connection USB (HID, no driver installation required)
Terminalserver Yes. Optional with internal virtual USB-Serial-Converter (FTD)
Int. Samplingrate 6000
Ext. Reportrate No
Resolution No
Pen Type Active stylus
Sensor No
Warranty 2 Year

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